Exercise Before Knitting

Elinor Brown, designer of some jaw-dropping colorwork patterns, also has the best screen name on Ravelry: Exercise Before Knitting

This has always cracked me up, and I think about it often. It's good advice after all. There is nothing better than curling up with a pile of knitting, but admit it- your bum gets tired after a while.

It's a bit worrisome how sedentary this profession (and so many others) is, and has become even more worrisome with every new study that comes out proving what we already suspected- that prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle is disastrous to one's health.

I'm also approaching my mid-30s and it seems that energy and motivation are becoming finite substances, so I make an effort to be strict about not sitting for too long, and doing some sort of exercise every day.

Which brings me to cycling.


Cycling is fun! I have been taking a spin (indoor cycling) class three times a week for the past month or so, and was thrilled to find a beautiful 30 mile trail near where I live that is perfect for cycling when you actually want to move forward while pedaling.

Lunch spot. Just me and my Damenfahrrad

Lunch spot. Just me and my Damenfahrrad

I also love my bike. It's a Damnefahrrad (lady bike) that I bought while living in Germany and brought back to the states. It only has 7 speeds, but I love how you sit up tall on the saddle and you can easily step through the frame like a Dutch bike. It's not very good for long distances, but is okay for a ride of about 16-18 miles, which is plenty for me.

You also get to see cool stuff!



But really, I think the best part is knowing that the rest of the day you can get on with your knitting without feeling too bad about it (as long as you remember to get up and move around every 20-30 minutes!)

Exercise Before Knitting.