Carrot & Stick

As much as I love designing, it is always a bit of a bummer to spend so much time knitting a sample which I (not being sample-sized) can't wear.  For the same reason that I like to knit all of my designs myself, I would also like to wear my designs, to truly get the feel of the piece. Besides that- the reason I design is that I want a closet full of hand-knit garments, and to that end I design what I want to wear.

Sometimes, after a considerable period of recouperation, I'll go back and knit one of my designs for myself. But to be honest, by the time I finish designing, swatching, calculating, charting, drafting, knitting (and inevitably re-knitting) the sample, I'm pretty done with it. And, of course, by that time there is typically a long list of other projects that need serious attention.

The one way I console myself is by picking out a 'carrot'. I find some fantastic project on Ravelry that I want to work and have it all lined up and ready to go when my project is finished.

The carrot for my current deadline project is Ysolda's Strokkur


I firmly believe that to design sweaters, you have to knit sweaters, and big part of choosing sweaters to knit for myself is finding a sweater that is going to look awesome, but is also a learning opportunity. This will be my first Lopapeysa and my first time knitting (and wearing) Icelandic wool. I'm intrigued by the shaping of this garment which has a higher waist, a shallow yoke, and short row shaping around the front and back of the neck- which is designed to give the garment a more flattering fit.

I can't wait. The best thing about a carrot is that after you've gone through the design gauntlet for one of your pieces, knitting someone else's design is sooo eaaaaasy. You don't even need a spreadsheet! Just relax, enjoy, and admire!